• AFP Hydra Suite Syndicate Room 2
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    • AFP Hydra Suite Control Room 2
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Australian Federal Police Hydra Suite

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) Hydra suite was established at the AFP Police College in Barton, Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in 2015.  The Hydra suite comprises of a control room, four syndicate rooms and a plenary room all installed by the Hydra Foundation. The Investigations, Leadership and Specialist Training Faculty are responsible for the creation and delivery of Hydra exercises within the AFP.

The Hydra Suite provides training for federal agents from all Australian states, and community police offices within the ACT. The suite was recently used for a Management of Serious Crime (MOSC) Program and a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) Program. 

Key Contact Numbers for the Hydra Team at Victoria Police:

Name Title Phone Email

James O’Brien

Suite Manager +61 2 6270 4867


Nancy Hamilton

Investigations Leadership and Specialist Training

+61 2 6270 4664


Suite Manager: 
James O'Brien


Contact Number: 
+61 2 6270 4867

Hydra Suite, Investigations, Leadership and Specialist Training, Barton College, 9 Brisbane Ave, Barton ACT, Australia 2600