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NSW Hydra Suite

The New South Wales Police Force Hydra Suite was established about 14 years ago at the old Police Headquarters (PHQ) Building located in George Street Parramatta.  Initially installed to conduct training for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The first suite was originally built.  In 2003 a brand new Headquarters was built at Charles Street, Parramatta and the Simulated Operations Unit (SOU) was the first unit to move into this building. 

The Hydra Suite features 6 syndicate rooms, control room and plenary with a seating capacity of about 200. The control room has received developed over time and is currently designed to have the whole of the Hydra team including ‘subject matter experts’ (SME’s) in a sunken section of the control.   The suite is currently nearing the final stages of having the entire suite modernised, moving from an analogue system to a high definition digital system to ensure the best possible training environment for participants.

NSW  Hydra Mobile

In 2010 the Simulated Operations Unit (SOU) was approached by the NSW Police Force (NSWPF) Counter Terrorism Unit and the Australian, Attorney Generals Department (AGD) to build and design a Hydra exercise for a ‘Senior Investigation Officer, Counter Terrorism Course’ to be conducted throughout Australia. These courses were to include representatives from policing and law enforcement organisations across Australia and New Zealand.

A Hydra mobile suite was commissioned and specifically designed by the Hydra foundation so that a full mobile version of Hydra with the capacity for 4 syndicates could be deployed around NSW.

The mobile Hydra kit is currently used to present other related exercises throughout New South Wales and is a cost effective way of delivering exercises to remote areas that would normally not be privileged to participate in such training activities.   The longest distance the kit has been transported by road in one trip was a 2,500km round trip and in total has delivered Hydra training to over 30 remote  locations. The kit has been transported via road to almost every state in Australia, even been taken to Tasmania by sea, and is constantly in high demand. 

Key Contact Numbers for the Hydra Team at New South Wales Police:

Name Title Phone Email
Inspector Glenn Brown Manager (02) 88357001
S/Sgt Phil Kraus Senior Development Officer (02) 88357135
Sgt Mick Masterson Development Officer (02) 88357110
Sgt Brendan Plummer Development Officer (02) 88357079
Sgt Hayden Sargent Development Officer (02) 88357273

New South Wales Police
Suite Manager: 
Kevin Dodds


Contact Number:
+02 8835 7001
Skype: SOUSydney

Simulated Operations Unit,
Education and Training Command, NSW Police Headquarters, Level 1A, 1 Charles Street, Parramatta Sydney, NSW 2150, Australia