Hydra Facilitators Training

In order to maintain the highest standards of training delivery, everyone involved in delivering a Hydra course needs to complete the two day Hydra Facilitators Exercise and be accredited. For Police and Fire services this course is delivered through the College of Policing at various sites around the U.K. For every other institution the Hydra Foundation runs courses as and when necessary. Del;egates will need to already have a recognised training qualification as this course deals with specifics of Hydra facilitation, not general facilitation.

The course covers many aspects of running a Hydra exercise including:

·       Hydra philosophy

·       How to introduce an exercise

·       The Hydra development process

·       Managing syndicate sessions

·       Managing plenary sessions

·       Using Hydra techniques effectively:

o   Hydra role-play

o   Diamond panel

o   Helpful and unhelpful phraseology

For further information please contact Geoff Williams at, or on 07577 308533.