Professor Jonathan Crego MBE

BSc (Hons) Ph.D (Salford) Sc.D (South Wales) Director of the Hydra Foundation

Visiting Professor

​Institute of Criminal Justice Studies

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Portsmouth

Visiting Professor

International Centre for Policing and Security, University of South Wales

Director of the Hydra Foundation

C.E.O Critical Simulations Ltd

Jonathan is the designer and owner of Hydra, Minerva and 10,000 Volts debriefing methodologies.

He has driven these methodologies for over 25 years In Policing, Fire Service, Counter Terrorism, Major Incident and Multi Agency management of critical incidents. He holds research Chairs at the University of Liverpool Institute of Psychology, Society and Health and the Department of Criminology at Portsmouth University. He has delivered over 350 debriefing events with expert practitioners in areas such as catastrophic disaster, child abuse and murder investigation

Awarded M.B.E by HM Queen Elizabeth II, for Service to Policing, 2009 


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Ph.D in Immersive Learning Environments Salford University

Bachelor of Science. (1st Class Hons), Computer Science, joint Hons. with Education Middlesex University,

Certificate in Education, Middlesex University

H.N.D Mechanical Engineering College of East London

Academic Papers

Facilitating interoperability: maintaining clear superordinate goals, reducing task complexity, and optimizing team size to ensure inter-agency action implementation in critical incident decisions Journal: Journal of Behavioral Decision Making
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Power, Nicola; University of Liverpool, Psychology
van den Heuvel, Claudia; University of Liverpool, Psychology
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Crego, Jonathan; University of Liverpool, Psychology

How Uncertainty and Accountability can Derail Strategic ‘Save Life’ Decisions in Counter‐Terrorism Simulations: A Descriptive Model of Choice Deferral and Omission Bias

Claudia van den Heuvel, Laurence Alison, Jonathan Crego
School of Psychology, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making (Impact Factor: 2.84). 12/2010
Control and legacy as functions of perceived criticality in major incidents
Jonathan Crego, Laurence Alison
Journal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling (Impact Factor: 0.53). 05/2004;

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