Minerva is a training simulator system designed to provide incident commanders and their teams with safe training that is as close to a real emergency as possible.The training scenarios run in real time as a real incident would, replicating the complexities of events and providing experiences that can easily be transferred to actual incidents. During training scenarios we sometimes use a pretend command support unit (CU). This is sent to incidents where there are five or more fire engines. It acts as the communications hub of the incident, logging all movements of firefighters and firefighting operations, as well as the whereabouts of other people, such as police and ambulance on the fire ground.      

Everything is designed to be as realistic as possible, including views through the windscreen and windows, which are changed depending on what time of day the scenario is set in. Scenarios can be replicas of incidents that have happened or organised for training purposes, and can be tailored for different levels of management. Scenarios are created in-house, or by other members of the community.