Greater Manchester Police Hydra Suite

    • Hydra Syndicate 1
    • Hydra Syndicate 2
    • Hydra Syndicate 3
    • Hydra Syndicate 4
    • Hydra Control Room 1
    • Hydra Control Room 2

The Hydra suite in Greater Manchester Police was commissioned in early 2002 and features 5 syndicate rooms, control room and plenary area within the training centre for Greater Manchester Police.    The Hydra team are responsible for the creation and delivery of Hydra Exercises having been established since 2002.   The suite has built and first used to prepare the Command Teams with operational responsibility for policing the Common Wealth Games held in Manchester during the summer of 2002. 

Since then the suite has hosted many different events most recently exercises to support the change from Police Authorities to Police Crime Commissioners and the delivery of Local Resilience Forum Gold Command events to exercise multi-agency commands in their response to a major flood event.

Key Contact Numbers for the Hydra Team at GMP:

Name Title Phone Email
John Thompson Suite Manager 0161 856 0446

Martin Aspinall Police Staff

0161 856 0693

Craig Wallwork Police Staff

0161 856 9140

Rachel O’Shaughnessy Police Officer

0161 856 0627

Phil Barlow Police Officer

0161 856 0575

Suite Manager: John Thompson
Contact Number: 0161 856 0446
Address: Sedgley Park Centre, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 0JT