Northumbria Police Hydra Suite

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The Northumbria Police Hydra Suite is located within the Operational and Tactical Training Centre. The centre was completed in December 2012 with the Hydra Suite being purpose built within it. The suite comprises of one plenary room with four main syndicate rooms located directly off the plenary. There are an additional two rooms which can be used for syndicates if required. The media room and control room complete the suite. 

Northumbria’s Human Resources Training Department is responsible for the creation and delivery of exercises. 

Key Contact Numbers for the Hydra Team at Northumbria Police:

Name Title Phone Email
Katherine Tunney 

Training Officer - Hydra

+(0)191 2149745

Suite Manager:
Katherine Tunney 


Contact Number:
+(0)191 2149745

Northumbria Police Operations Command, Operational Tactical Training Centre, Follingsby Avenue, Follingsby Park, Gateshead, NE10 8YF.