Surrey Police Hydra Suite

    • Surrey Police Hydra Suite Control Room
    • Surrey Police Hydra Suite Syndicate Room
    • Surrey Police Hydra Suite Plenary Room

The Surrey Police Hydra Suite became fully operational in early 2011 and comprises 3 syndicate rooms, a large plenary and a control room. In all,  the suite can operate with up to 18 delegates. It is based with the Learning & Development building at the Surrey Police HQ in Guildford. The team run regular exercises for IPLDP recruits, Firearms and Crime Training and have created a number of new exercises now in use across the country.

Key Contact Numbers for the Hydra Team at Surrey Police:

Name Title Phone Email
Julie Homewood   01483 632035

Suite Manager: Julie Homewood
Contact Number: +(0)1483 632 035
Address: Learning Development Centre, Surrey Police HQ, Mount Browne, Sandy Ln, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 1HG