Los Angeles Police Hydra Suite

    • LAPD Hydra Facilitator Area
    • LAPD Hydra Control 2
    • LAPD Hydra Control 1
    • LAPD Hydra Suite Syndicate Room 3
    • LAPD Hydra Suite Syndicate Room 2
    • LAPD Hydra Suite Plenary Room
    • LAPD Hydra Suite Control Room 3
    • LAPD Hydra Suite Control Room 2
    • LAPD Hydra Suite Control Room 1

Updated to Hydra in the Cloud in February 2017; The Hydra suite in the Los Angeles Police Department was commissioned as the first of it's kind in the United States in September 2009.  Located within the Ahmanson Recruit Training Center, the suite features 3 syndicate rooms, a control room and a plenary in a traditional design.  The Hydra Operations staff are responsible for the creation and delivery of Hydra Exercises that include counter terrorism, Port Security, serial killer, officer involved shooting investigation and a multi-assault counter terrorism scenario.  Through past exercises, the Department has hosted delegates from a variety of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, military personnel, The suite is also responsible for conducting operational debriefs utilizing the 10,000 volts debriefing technology.

Key Contact Numbers for the Hydra Team at LAPD:


Name Title Phone Email
Sgt. II Mike Menegio Officer-In-Charge 310-665-8620 32475@lapd.lacity.org
Sgt I    Jeff Spangler Assistant-Officer-In-Charge 310-642-3059 35036@lapd.lacity.org

Suite Manager: Sergeant II Mike Menegio
Email: 32475@lapd.lacity.org
Contact Number: +310 655 8620
Address: Los Angeles Police Department, Ahmanson Recruit Training Center, 5651 W. Manchester Blvd, Suite 225, Los Angeles, California 90045