Lee Rainbow and Prof Alison were invited to give several talks on behalf of the National Research Institute of Policing in Japan. This includes workshops and talks in Kobe, Tokyo as well as a short (sightseeing!) visit to Kyoto.  Dr Watanabe and her team were excellent hosts and it was a terrific learning experience sharing best practise on all aspects of behavioural and geographical profiling with some old friends and colleagues.


Prof Alison is working with DCI Matthew Long on further development of the Kent Internet Risk Assessment Tool (KIRAT) through their successful European Commission funded 3 year project to examine the efficacy of the tool in prioritising contact offenders in indecent images of children cases. The tool, currently UK national is now being considered in 6 European Countries. In 2013 we were awarded the prestigious International Association of Chiefs of Police Gold Award for Research Excellence in Philadelphia and CEOP described our work as one of the most rigorously tested risk measures available.

Op. Roaring Lion - Live Exercise

Exercise Roaring Lion took place in the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Training and Development Academy on the 26th April 2013. The exercise incorporated a number of agencies, including Fire and Rescue Service, Merseyside Police, the Police Air Support Unit (Silver Cell), the HART team, North West Ambulance, National Grid, Local Authority, National Resilience Assurance Team, The Highways Agency, Corporate Media, Red Cross and the Department of Communities and Local Government. The aim of the training was to practice the capabilities of operational responders on the ground, dealing with casualties and testing the multi-agency response in a tactical and strategic environment. The training was followed up with a multi-agency debrief, reviewing the key learning points of the exercise as well as identifying improvements for potential incidents in the future.


Dr Humann, as part of the continuing work of the PE-FPTP, led in designing, delivering and facilitating a football policing training event in Bucharest in November 2013. Part of the European Police College’s (CEPOL) international curriculum, two joint Pan-European Football Security training events were delivered to 58 officers from 27 countries, bringing together Match Commanders, National Coordinators and Police Liaison Officers, as well as colleagues from Interpol. This was focused on enhancing safety and security by increasing the effectiveness and harmonisation of the policing of football matches with an international dimension, and was jointly delivered by members of the EU Think Tank on Football, Safety & Security and a number of leading international experts.

The CAMI is regularly engaged in training, workshops, seminars and programmes with a number of partner agencies, maintaining the synergy between practitioners and current research.

Some of these current and former partners included: European Commission, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Justice (DoJ), Natick Soldier Systems Centre (NSSC), Ministry of Defence (MoD), Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Program (JESIP), Merseyside Fire & Rescue Services (MFRS), European Police College (CEPOL), Kent Police, Home Office, Metropolitan Police, and Merseyside Youth Offending Service.