Decision Making

Work has examined the impact of situational, organisational and individual factors on Emergency Services decision-making in critical and major incidents. The use of both HYDRA and 10kV technology have been central to the development of this strand of work with data being analysed from some of the 400+ post-major-incident debriefs (including the London 7/7 bombings and response to the 2004 tsunami) conducted using 10kV and from training conducted in one of the 72 HYDRA suites located throughout Europe and North America. We are planning further expansion through collaboration with external national and international agencies such as Fire, Police, Health etc. to develop autonomous decision aids to minimise cognitive load on emergency services decision-makers and to improve the availability of information and interoperability in critical and major incidents. In collaboration with partners from Computer Sciences and Engineering, we have recently been awarded a £180,000 EPSRC grant to support the development of these autonomous decision aids for use by Emergency Services.