Covid 19 UPDATE 

On 22nd April 2020, The Hydra Foundation delivered the inaugural fully online, live video facilitated, remote  10,000 volts (10kv) debrief with over 300 participants who all connected to the system from their home or other place of work. In little over an hour they generated over 50,000 words. This debrief took place in the middle of the Covid 19 crisis and was commissioned to elicit responses from members of Local Resilience Forums that could be acted on during the crisis, as opposed to the more usual post incident debrief of lessons learned for the next crisis. The Hydra Foundation has subsequently delivered several similar de-briefs for the Metropolitan Police, the Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Executive. A further interim LRF debrief has been delivered and a safeguarding debrief with education professionals was also delivered recently.

All these debriefs were delivered for free. 

The Hydra Foundation made significant upgrades and augmentations to the existing 10kv system to enable it  to be delivered in an era of social distancing and remote working;  including the addition of remote live video facilitation, the ability to access the system from anywhere in the world via smartphones or other internet connected devices, and the ability for an intel cell to remotely assist in the live analysis of the data to help with facilitating the event.

We call this system 10kv-Local.  For more detailed explanation click on this link

In parallel with this new approach, we have added the ability to deliver online 10kv scenario led debriefs that include the use of pre-recorded video and audio feeds and documents.

We call this approach 10kv – Presence. 

In 2019 we began working on a new addition to the Hydra methodology. A virtual version of Hydra that would allow participants to ‘attend’ a Hydra suite as a delegate or facilitator from anywhere in the world. We began working on this solution to give greater flexibility to participants, to allow Subject Matter Experts to attend for short periods of time and to substantially reduce travelling and facility costs for everyone involved. We had planned to roll this out in 2021. The current crisis has made this new addition even more necessary and we have accelerated the development and testing process. We expect it to be ready to roll out in September 2020.

We call this new system Hydra – Presence: Being There while remaining Here.

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Welcome to the Hydra Foundation.

The Hydra foundation is the community of ideas supporting the Hydra immersive learning methodologies. There are 85 Hydra simulation centres throughout the world, this community is focussed on providing real learning and research opportunities for expert practitioners working in the fields of; Emergency Services, Criminal Justice, Military, Government and Humanitarian Agencies.

Hydra is an immersive, interactive environment for delivering exercises to develop decision makers to better manage Critical Incidents. The methodology provides highly realistic simulations of events, enabling key staff to respond in real time to both immediate critical pressured events and also to consider their strategic impact on both their institution and the public. Delegates are able to record difficult decisions and uniquely, also record their rich and detailed rationale. This approach to ‘show your working’ is further discussed in ‘time-out’ sessions within the exercise, by trained and skilled facilitators.

Hydra methodologies have been evolving for over 25 years and the latest version ‘Hydra in the Cloud’ (HITC), provides a wealth of additional learning methodologies and remote capabilities. It is our desire to have all of the existing Hydra suites converted to use the versatile HITC within the next 12 months. The beauty of the web based system is, it can be run virtually anywhere where an internet portal is available. The methodologies available using HITC extend the original concept by order of magnitude. HITC can be operated with delegates geographically separated from the Hydra centre. A Hydra remote syndicate can exist at any number of locations enabling the globalisation of the Hydra method. In the evolving international arena where critical incidents can and are linked across continents, a system able to simulate this with real delegates from real locations is indeed powerful and necessary.

Building a timeline for exercises delivered in HITC is simple, intuitive and fast, enabling subject matter experts to build, modify and deliver events without the requirement being constrained.

Hydra was originally designed to assist Police and Fire services within the UK in dealing with critical incidents; it has always been and continues to be, the philosophy of the Hydra Foundation to provide the Hydra software and all updates at no charge to the Police and Fire services. To other institutions charges are made for support and training.

The Hydra Foundation will only supply a licence to public or private companies who comply with its ‘save lives mission’.


Hydra's Core Values


The core values of the Hydra Foundation centre on a community of ideas.

This community must feel free to share research, share successes, and share creativity and be encouraged in the development of new and exciting approaches in the design and delivery of immersive methodologies. All of the Hydra community must recognise that the free exchange of ideas is pivotal to its collective identity and purpose. The community spans; public sector, academia, private enterprise and is global. The Hydra Foundation exists, not only to progress this work but also to ensure its existing operational research is made available to its stakeholders.

    • West Midlands Police Hydra Suite Syndicate Room 2
    • West Midlands Police Hydra Suite Control Room
    • Avon Fire and Rescue Hydra Suite Sydicate Room 6
    • Avon Fire and Rescue Hydra Suite Sydicate Room 5
    • Avon Fire and Rescue Hydra Suite - Minerva Control Room
    • Avon Fire and Rescue Hydra Suite Briefing Room 3
    • Avon Fire and Rescue Hydra Suite Briefing Room
    • FLETC Hydra Plenary under construction
    • Bramshill Hydra Syndicate Room 5
    • Bramshill Hydra Syndicate Room 4
    • Bramshill Hydra Syndicate Room 3
    • Bramshill Hydra Control Plenary 2
    • Bramshill Hydra Control Room 2
    • Bramshill Hydra Control Room 1
    •  MPS Hydra Suite Control Room - Leadership Academy
    •  MPS Hydra Suite Pleanry Room - Leadership Academy
    • South Yorkshire Police Hydra Syndicate Room 3
    • South Yorkshire Police Hydra Reception Breakout Area
    • South Yorkshire Police Hydra Plenary Room 4
    • South Yorkshire Police Hydra Control Room 5
    • South Yorkshire Police Hydra Control Room 3
    • University of South Wales Hydra Syndicate Room 3
    •  University of South Wales Hydra Syndicate Room 2
    • University of South Wales Hydra Control Room
    • North Hants Fire Hydra Suite Control Room
    • North Hants Fire Hydra Suite Syndicate Room 2
    • North Hants Fire Hydra Suite Syndicate Room 1
    • Merseyside Police Hydra Syndicate Room on cctv
    • Merseyside Police Hydra Syndicate Room
    • Merseyside Police Hydra Syndicate Room on cctv
    • Merseyside Police Hydra Control Room 3
    • Merseyside Police Hydra Control Room 1
    • Merseyside Police Hydra Control Room 2
    • WAPA Hydra Syndicate Room
    • WAPA Hydra Control Room
    • Tyne & Wear Fire White Syndicate Room
    • Tyne & Wear Fire Plenary Room Exercise
    • Tyne & Wear Fire Hydra Control Room
    • Hydra Syndicate 3
    • Hydra Control Room 2
    • Cheshire Police Hydra Syndicate Room 3
    • Cheshire Police Hydra Syndicate Room 2
    • Cheshire Police Hydra Plenary Room
    • Cheshire Police Hydra Control Room 1
    • LAPD Hydra Control 2
    • LAPD Hydra Control 1
    • Victoria Police Control Room - Plenary Panoramic
    • Victoria Police Control Room - Facilitators in Action
    • Victoria Police Control Room - In Action
    • Victoria Police Yellow Syndicate Room
    • Victoria Police Cyan Syndicate Room
    • Victoria Police Blue Syndicate Room
    • Control Room at Scottish Police College
    • 10kv Workshop

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