The Gold Standard for Critical Incident training and debriefing


The Hydra Foundation has set the standard in both simulating and debriefing critical incidents

Established leaders

Hydra have set up almost 100 suites, run thousands of simulations and held over 400 debriefing sessions.


We are fully integrated with the UK police training curriculum. Hydra is used as a required part of various national training curriculums, such as Firearms Command, Public Order Command and Hostage Negotiations.


10kV is established as the trusted and go-to method for debriefing critical incidents. We have run sessions for high profile crises such as the London bombings, the Soham murders, Covid 19, Local Resilience Forums and numerous other high profile incidents.  Debriefing sessions are run either at a venue or remotely using 10kv.cloud methodologies 

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Free for UK Emergency services

We are proud to offer our services free to UK emergency services. This includes all UK Regional training centres for Fire and Police and the UK National Crime Agency and UK College of Policing.


We donate the Hydra software, assist with creating the scenarios, run 10kV sessions and compile analytical reports on the data, although more in depth reports may require funding for our team of university researchers.


It is our way of giving back to the services that have done so much for us and our families.

We offer five core services

Hydra simulation suites

We build bespoke Hydra suites and create credible immersive simulations for your teams, complete with scenarios based around realistic events. We train your delivery teams to be self sufficient in both the design and delivery of exercises. We also run Hydra Facilitators accredited courses to ensure that exercises are delivered to the highest standards.


We work alongside a range of universities supporting Under Graduate, Post Graduate and research programs. These universities have a fixed suite and deliver a diverse set of safe learning sessions in Hydra. Student feedback is outstanding.

10kV debrief events

10kV sessions are standalone debriefs, using anonymised discussion tools to allow for honest feedback and problem solving. 10kv is the trusted standard for critical incident debriefing across the emergency services for both in-crisis and post incident debriefing.

Create Content

Our team are skilled at working alongside your teams to create Hydra exercise content. The Hydra Foundation teaches how to convert learning outcomes to Hydra workshops. We believe in your teaching expertise and help you convert traditional teaching methods into Hydra methods.

Hydra - Presence

To enable remote access to the Hydra methodologies a new system called Hydra Presence has been developed.  Here the delegates can engage with the full range of Hydra methodologies but do so without the requirement to be co-located at a Hydra suite.

These methods were originally developed at the request of the Metropolitan Police in London. Over the last 30 years we have run an enormous amount of simulations and debriefs, giving the Hydra Foundation a unique experience in training emergency services.

Our clients include

Exclusive to save-life organisations

We are proud to work purely with savelife organisations. Our partners have included Police, Fire Services and Federal Bureaus, across 4 countries.

Both our debriefs and scenarios have included a range of scenario types, such as:

Terrorist attacks


Multi Agency Management of Pandemics, Climate and Natural Disasters

Major Incidents

Murder investigations

Social Care & Mental Health

Domestic violence & child abuse

Immigration incidents

Modern Human Slavery

Organised Crime

Fire Ground Command and Leadership

Local and Central Government Crisis Management

The entire suite of Hydra tools and methods are also used by universities across the UK to train students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs. It gives them the chance to apply their studies in advanced subjects such as Crime Scene Investigation, Law, Social Work, Psychology, and Operational Policing.

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