Immersive Crisis Simulation

Immerse your students with realistic scenarios

Hydra creates immersive simulations, giving participants the opportunity to test their skills and new approaches to critical situations.


Simulations can include a wide range of scenarios, designed specifically to your organisation. Simulations often cover situations such as kidnappings, terrorist events, murder investiations and multi-agency child abuse investigations.


From initial brief to delivery

Hydra Suite

Our core product is the Hydra Suite. It is a permanent set up on your premises over 4 to 6 rooms.  Attendees work together in the same space, giving natural interactions and the most realistic immersion possible.

Hydra Presence

To support remote working and national collaborations, we offer Hydra Presence.  It is an online simulation suite, designed to give the closest possible feeling to working shoulder to shoulder.

Hydra Suite and Hydra Presence

Hydra is an immersive enabling simulator, generating a high fidelity environment, where participants get drawn into the experience, getting the chance to respond in real-time to realistic pressures in a safe learning environment