10kv Debriefing

Debriefing - Open - Honest - Real

10kv is a method for running debriefings while avoiding the usual pitfalls. Anonymous input allows people to share ideas without fear of repercussions or rank issues.


Each session evolves based on the desires of attendees, instead of the usual top-down agenda. 10kv sessions have been used to debrief events such as murder investigations and pandemic responses. This approach was used 18 times mid-crisis during the C19 pandemic and analysed reports were used to inform Government, Local Resilience Forums, Emergency and Volunteer sectors. You can view an example of this analysis in the “In-Depth-Post -Event-Report tab in the table below.


The anonymised nature of 10kv sessions gives people the chance to have emotionally honest conversations. We often hear from attendees that it is the first time they have discussed the emotional impact a critical event has had on them, which creates a therapeutic effect.



It also allows people to question aspects of the approach that would usually be outside their jurisdiction. Higher ranking personnel often discover snags in the system that aren’t obvious from their point of view.



Of course, these anonymous discussions are kept civil by all participants agreeing to a code of conduct for the event.

10kv sessions are either held in person in large meeting spaces, or remotely with people logging in from anywhere in the world.  The discussion is held within our software. It is a text-based forum, with each attendee given an anonymised log in which they access on their own device or one of our iPads.


Sessions start by people submitting and voting on talking points. This is in opposition to a preset agenda, revealing the areas that different groups wish to discuss.  All the topics are then set live, with discussions happening in parallel. People can choose which discussions to join and how much they wish to contribute.

10kv sessions can result in thousands of lines of written text. We don’t expect you and your team to read through every line, so our analysts comb through it for you.


You receive a full report following the event. We will adapt to your priorities but a typical report will contain summaries of all the key points, particularly insightful comments, and word clouds of common sentiments. We may also produce recommendations for you.


If we are using 10kv working in partnership with you on a new Hydra installation, we will provide you with a training analysis for making best use of your new suite. An example of the power of reporting analysis can be found below


A new approach called ‘10kv – Cloud’ has been created. There is no requirement for participants to travel to the debriefing venue. Facilitation is achieved by the debrief leader appearing in a video window on all participants devices, enabling him or her to direct the flow of the debrief, directly through the screens of the participants devices. All participants will see and hear the facilitator and respond using the 10,000 volts system. There is no requirement for any apps to be installed on the phones, as the software is presented through the phone’s existing web browser.


The session starts with a video displayed on the smartphone screen of all the participants. This video is pre-recorded and features a prominent leader who presents their vision for the future direction of the organisation and lays out the aims and objectives of the debrief.


The facilitator will then brief the delegates via the live video feed.


Questions are laid out on the smartphone screen and the delegates are given time to enter their views. Delegates can be invited from a single agency or cross agencies when looking at partnership working.


18 10kv. Cloud Debriefing sessions took place during the Covid 19 Crisis coordinated by the Home Office C19 National Foresight Group