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The Hydra Foundation is unique in terms of its history and legacy. Its creator, Professor Jonathan Crego, MBE, was recruited by the Metropolitan Police in London, to create a training method after the Hillsborough tragedy. This training method was Minerva, and it was designed to give public order commanders the opportunity to manage a simulated public order event before they took charge of a real event for the first time.
Following the tragic, racist murder of Stephen Lawrence and the subsequent enquiry, Jonathan adapted the fast-time Minerva methodology into Hydra – a training system that recreated the  slow time complexities of murder investigations and has evolved the methods to deal with a wide range of other critical incidents.
It is this history, including the enormous amount of debriefs using the 10,000 volts technology that makes the Hydra Foundation unique in the field of training for the emergency services. Learning from 10,000 volts debriefs is fed back into Hydra training exercises to ensure this learning is passed on.
The Hydra Foundation is a community of ideas linking all emergency services and save-life partner agencies.  This vibrant community shares good practice, Hydra simulation exercises and critical incident research findings.

Geoffrey Williams

Geoff Williams has spent the last 25 years of his working life working with Hydra and 10,000 volts. Having retired from the Metropolitan Police after 30 years service in 2013, he now leads for customer liaison and educational design for the Hydra Foundation.  He has been involved in a huge variety of exercises and debriefs, including FGM and Honour Based Violence, child protection, cyber crime, multi agency counter terrorism firearms, immigration and borders agency and a whole group of exercises with the various universities the Foundation is now working with.

Email Geoff –  [email protected]

Steven Butterworth

Steve is an experienced computer professional who has installed dozens of Hydra suites for clients. Steve works closely with the client and makes best use of available space to keep the installation costs down.  Steve has every part of the process committed to specifications, 3D drawings, CAD drawings and understands the security and I.T. constraints of your I.T. Managers.  With Steve’s experience the process of installing a Hydra Suite is a painless collaborative project with all departments. Steve knows the question before the manager asks it and is a pragmatic deliverer of excellence.

Adam Crego

Adam is a very talented computer scientist who manages the technical innovations team for the Hydra Foundation.  He is skilled in the entire Hydra family of methods and deliverables.  Adam’s recent triumphs include developing the in-room 10kv debriefing into a remote system for debriefing the Covid 19 pandemic.  These new enabling technologies allowed the entire UK emergency response to engage in mid-crisis debriefing sessions with up to 400 participants, each contributing to the collective wisdom of managing the crisis.  These new methods enabled the research team to generate timely reports directly to central and local government.

Emlyn Cox

Emlyn is a talented computer scientist with a flair for creating usability and intuitive interfaces.  Emlyn has worked on the latest versions of Hydra in the Cloud, 10kv debriefing and Hydra Presence. Working alongside Adam he has the ability to take sophisticated concepts or ideas and turn them into deliverables.

Working alongside Adam who leads on research and development team  for the Foundation, they have pioneered new work called  Hydra Presence, expanding the capabilities of Hydra and enabling remote and centre based delivery of the methodologies.

Terry Webster

Terry Webster has been working alongside Jonathan since the very beginning of Hydra.  Terry is an experienced Police Detective who is able to design and deliver rich and credible training exercises in Hydra.  His experience enables him to work closely with clients to elicit meaningful and real training exercises.

Terry works alongside Geoff who leads the design teams for the Foundation

Clair Friedrich

Clair has 15 years of experience working with Hydra, managing events and financial control.  Clair works alongside clients to ensure that all administration is properly managed.

Email Clair – [email protected]

Hydra Associates

The Hydra Foundation has access to a large number of credible associates who are engaged on a project basis.  All associates are trusted and operationally current, from a range of specialisms

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