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University of South Wales goes into the Cloud

Phase 1 complete! The Hydra Foundation has installed a new Hydra in the Cloud Suite within the University of South Wales, building upon the excellent Hydra research and training taking place at the University.   Watch this space for news on Phase 2.

    • University of South Wales Hydra Control Room

Avon and Somerset Police upgrade to Hydra in the Cloud

This week sees the Hydra Foundation upgrade the Avon and Somerset Police Hydra Suite to Hydra in the Cloud.

Tipperary Fire Visit UK

    • Tipperary Fire Service visit

The Senior Management Team from Tipperary Fire Service visited the North Yorkshire Hydra Fire Suite this week.  The visit was in preparation ahead of Steve Butterworth installing their new Hydra Suite.  It was wonderful to have them all over to talk about the upcoming project.  A big thank you to North Yorkshire Fire for hosting and providing a very tasty lunch.  We will keep you updated on the progress of this significant installation in Ireland

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AFP runs its first ever Commonwealth Agency Management of Serious Crime Program

“The Australian Federal Police recently ran a two day Hydra scenario focussed on financial crime and corruption. This scenario was developed specifically for executive level investigation managers from all Australian Commonwealth agencies, and is designed to draw out non-traditional disruption options while gaining an increased understanding of each other’s capabilities. The scenario was also attended by members from the Hong Kong and Singapore police forces, allowing the participants to discuss the challenges of successful collaboration and to develop valuable networks with international partners”. - 


Hertfordshire Police in the Cloud

This week saw the Hydra team at Hertfordshire police upgrade to Hydra in the Cloud.  The Hydra Foundation spent the week in Hertfordshire upgrading the old Hydra 6 suite to run the new Hydra in the Cloud methodologies.  

Following the training run by Steve Butterworth of the Hydra Foundation the team are now able to  design and run Hydra in the Cloud exercises using these new Hydra methodologies  enhancing excisiting training and developing new Hydra events along with a different way of working increasing flexibility and easy of use.

    • Hertfordshire Hydra in the Cloud Suite
    • Hertfordshire Hydra in the Cloud Suite
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Dyfed-Powys Police first Welsh Force on Cloud

This week saw Dyfed-Powys Police start to use Hydra in the Cloud, becoming the first Welsh force into the Hydra Cloud.   The Hydra Foundation carried out the upgrade installation work to commission the new and existing Hydra Suite technology to work with the new Cloud methodology.  Following onsite training, the Hydra team are now busy preparing to run their first Hydra in the Cloud exercise.

    • Dyfed-Powys Hydra in the Cloud - Syndicate Room
    • Dyfed-Powys Hydra in the Cloud - Control Room
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Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue upgrade to Hydra in the Cloud

This week saw Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service upgrade their Hydra Suite to run Hydra in the Cloud.  This upgrade gives Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue the opportunity to now further develop their use of Hydra and expand their delivery of operational Training.  Following the delivery of an onsite training event, the Oxford Hydra team see excitiing opportunities for enhancing exisiting and developing new training.

    • Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Hydra in the Cloud Suite - Syndicate Room 1
    • Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Hydra in the Cloud Suite - Syndicate Room 4
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LAPD in the Cloud

This week saw LAPD upgrade to Hydra in the Cloud with further training and events running later this month.    The Hydra Foundation completed the upgrade during an intensive 8 day program in Los Angeles, USA.

    • LAPD Hydra Suite Syndicate Room 3
    • LAPD Hydra Suite Syndicate Room 2
    • LAPD Hydra Suite Plenary Room
    • LAPD Hydra Suite Control Room 3
    • LAPD Hydra Suite Control Room 1


The latest version of Hydra is exciting, it has been created to deliver a brand new set of methodologies - live date March '17. There are now 80+ Hydra Centres worldwide, including six UK universities. Our mission to work exclusively in the save-life world remains intact. Work in human trafficking, FGM & honour based & domestic violence, compliments our work with all agencies safeguarding children. Work with CyberCrime has opened a whole new world of risk as is our work with; the National Crime Agency, serious crime investigation, CT, FCO, USA Homeland Security, LAPD and immigration.


Surrey Police become the latest Hydra in the Cloud Suite

This week the Hydra Foundation upgraded the Hydra 6 suite at Surrey Police making them the 20th centre to join the Hydra in the Cloud community.   The Hydra team at Surrey Police have been working with the foundation over the last 18 months to develop their existing suite to support Hydra in the Cloud and have now successfully achieved this, supported by the Foundation.   

Surrey Police are now live and will shortly be running their first Hydra in the Cloud exercise.   Steve Butterworth, Vice President Learning Technolgies said, "...We are proud to have supported the team in Surrey to deliver on their vision of becoming a Hydra in the Cloud centre .  We are looking forward to supporting them further as they become an active member with in the Hydra in the Cloud community..."