We are excited to announce the roll out of Hydra in the Cloud. The new system is a radical development from Hydra 6 which is installed and operational in over 74 clients worldwide. The Hydra methodology remains intact with multiple syndicates able to become immersed in complext multi player scenarios. The new system provides a number of differences however:

1. The client is entirely web based using browser technologies. This enables the client to operate on tablets, laptops, and desk computers with no addition software installed.

2. The new system leverages existing methodologies to provide for a much more dynamic engagement of all syndicate members during an exercise.

3. The philosophy of the community of ideas sharing and learning from each other is enhanced by this new release as Hydra licenced suites have access through the cloud, globally.

4. Full details of the system are not for public consuption and are only available to signed licence users of Hydra. For more information please contact Geoff Williams our Head of Operations at: