The Centre for Critical and Major Incident Psychology,
University of Liverpool

The Centre for Critical and Major Incident Psychology (CAMI) at the University of Liverpool is the academic hub for the Hydra Foundation. We work in direct partnership with the HYDRA Foundation to develop the most innovative immersive learning methodologies to aid decision makers and have a 15-year track record of delivering research, training and education. Drawing on a diverse range of cognitive, social, forensic and methodological approaches, we develop research that supports practitioners without reducing the complex nature of the operational environments decision makers face into lab-based experiments. Instead we value field research, naturalistic environments and the expertise of practitioners. This work is carried out using live and tabletop exercises, as well as role-play and structured team sessions, in line with current concepts of immersive simulated learning environments and effective learning theories.

This unique synergy not only provides high-end practitioner training, but also produces high quality published academic findings at the forefront of psychological research. With over 150 publications, several edited books, book chapters and government reports, as well as over 400 critical incident debrief reports, ranging from 7/7 to the Boxing Day Tsunami, we have developed tools and techniques that address practitioners’ needs, while also tailoring teaching and learning for specific environments. The CAMI research centre has a proven track record working with practitioners in the fields of emergency response, criminal justice, military preparedness, government planning and industry.

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