10kv & 10kv-Cloud Debriefing

Evolution Of Methodologies

Professor Jonathan Crego M.B.E Creator of Hydra and debriefing explains a new approach

April 2020

How do we enable emergency personnel engaged in managing crisis with immersive briefing, debriefing, learning and cross-agency communication tools that are usable, timely and relevant without the requirement for participants to travel or be co-located?

Building on 25 years of the evolution of Hydra Simulations and 10,000 volts debriefing, new methods of operation have been developed to answer the question above.

The question requires new thinking, especially in the current covid19 crisis, where the co-location of relevant staff is either difficult or impossible.

Traditionally 10,000 volts debriefing required the participants to be a large room, seated at tables and have access to one iPad per participant.  Recently, a new version of the software has been modified to operate on smartphone technologies still with the requirement to attend a debriefing event.  Facilitation of this event is necessary.  A new approach called ‘10kv – Remote’ has been created.  There is no requirement for participants to travel to the debriefing venue.  Facilitation is achieved by the debrief leader appearing in a video window on all participants devices, enabling him or her to direct the flow of the debrief, directly through the screens of the participants devies.  All participants will see and hear the facilitator and respond using the 10,000 volts system.  There is no requirement for any apps to be installed on the phones, as the software is presented through the phone’s existing web browser.  Over 400 traditional 10,000 volt debriefing events have taken place over the last 25 years.