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Exercise Peninsula Pilot in Victoria Police

1st pilot exercise, Exercise Peninsula, was delivered in the Hydra Suite at Victoria Police.

Delegates from Victoria Police’s Centre of Supervision and Management, Operational Specialists, Specialist Centre of Emergency Incident Management, Centre Managers, New Zealand Police, Baw Baw Shire Council, Country Fire Authority and State Emergency Services attended. 

The exercise was particularly successful due to the attendance of Emergency Management Partners who formed a Diamond Group, dealing with the strategic management of the incident, which centred on Bush Fire Incident Command, Evacuation and Recovery. 

The exercise was facilitated by Vic. Police accredited Hydra Facilitators.

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Australasian Hydra Conference @ Victoria Police, Australia

50 Delegates attended the Australasian Hydra Conference hosted in Victoria Police Academy, Australia.  The conference was opened by Assistant Commissioner Kevin Casey and run by Professor Jonathan Crego of the Hydra Foundation.  Guest speakers in attendance were Larry Proud of ANZPAA, Supt Deb Abbott of Victoria Police, Graeme Macey of WA Police, Sean Harking of Queensland Police, Alison McConnell Imbriotis of Tasmania Police, Supt Ingrid Tomanovits of AFP, Insp Glen Brown, of NSW Police, Insp Dave Archibald of NZ Police, Tiffany Gray of PRISM, Theresa Banks of Victoria Police and Professor Nick Crofts of Melbourne University. Delegates participated in 2 Hydra in the Cloud sessions looking at child protection and emergency management..

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Hydra Suite now installed at Essex Police

This week we completed the installation of Hydra 6 at Essex Police.   Further details are available on the Hydra site pages