Child Protection

The Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults


Whilst families are supposed to provide support and protection to their members, this may not always be the case. Individuals may fall prey to the mistreatment of their own family members or the people they live with, or family members may be unable to protect each another from the mistreatment of others. Where family cohesion breaks down, this can have consequences for society as a whole when individuals retaliate or fail to follow boundaries.


Many public services are required to step in under such circumstances and to work together for the benefit of the individual, such as the police, health agencies, local authorities, including social services. Problems can sometimes arise when multiple agencies are required to interact, particularly when accountability pressures are added to conflicting goals and requirements. We are involved in a number of research and training projects that seek to assist such agencies with managing family and child protection issues.

The Hydra Foundation has been working with the Metropolitan Police and the British College of Polcing in the delivery of the MACIE Child Protection Hydra exercise.


MACIE Exercise


This Hydra exercise has been running across the UK for expert practitioners for the last 12 years. Delegates are from Health, Social Services, Education and Policing. There is a ‘Diamond Challenge’ panel with a Consultant Paediatrician, Local Authority Chief Executive, Lawyer, Senior Police Office supported by community representative and a representative from the charity institutions. This two day event was heralded by the recent Dr. Eileen Munro review as a case-study for best practice for multi agency training. For more information please contact [email protected]