Australian Federal Police Hydra Suite

Project Description

Australian Federal Police Hydra Suite

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) Hydra suite was established at the AFP College in Barton, Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in 2015.  The Hydra suite comprises a control room, four syndicate rooms and a plenary room, all installed by the Hydra Foundation. Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is responsible for the creation of Hydra exercises, while facilitation is mainly conducted by subject matter experts.

AFP members are deployed to all Australian states and territories, as well as community policing within the ACT. The suite is regularly used for human resource, policing and incident management exercises.

Key Contact Numbers for the Hydra Team at Victoria Police:

Name Title Phone Email
D/Sgt Erica Hanisch Team Leader Technology Enhanced Learning +61 2 51265683 [email protected]

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