Pro Bono Publico

Pro Bono Publico - For the public good

Hydra and Minerva Software, know-how and methodologies are provided to the UK Police and Fire Services at no charge.  This includes all UK Regional training centres for Fire and Police and the UK National Crime Agency and UK College of Policing.

The Hydra Foundation supports a community of ideas for ALL users of Hydra.  This means that exercises methodologies and research, developed by any member are available to any other member of the Hydra community at no charge.  There is no internal market inside the community, members are part of a vibrant and sharing collective.
UK Immigration Enforcement, UK Border Force, 6 UK Universities, USA Homeland Security, USA LAPD, Ireland Fire Service, Ireland Police Service, Australian Federal Police, Victoria Police, Melbourne, Western Australian Police, UK MOD Police, UK Home Office Organised Crime Exercise. The current version of the Hydra Software is provided free, updates may be subject to a maintenance agreement.
The methodologies are based around save-life organisations. So any engagement with any private sector organisation must be focussed on save-life outcomes.  Consequently, commercial organisations like the nuclear industry do qualify as clients if the objective of the work is to save life.  The Hydra Foundation has refused to work with clients or organisations if the intended use of Hydra is not consistent with this requirement, or organisations that are not in line with the Foundation's values.
For all other users, the Hydra Foundation, under its trading entity Critical Simulations Ltd, charges for consultancy to clients who wish to have use of the system and methods.  This charge covers accrediting facilitators, working alongside the client to develop their first scenarios and training their development teams to create and deliver Hydra exercises.  At the end of the consultancy, the client is able to operate on their own without further costs.  Sometimes clients ask the Foundation Team to continue to support them, however there is no obligation to do so. Jonathan Crego has invested £3 million into the development of the tools and the costs for continued development and running costs for the Hydra Foundation, are generated by charging for services.
No we are not! We recognise our heritage, where we came from and how much we were given by the Police and Fire Services.  Consequently, the designer and exclusive owner of all intellectual properties, Jonathan Crego, has publicly stated and continues to declare that Hydra and Minerva will be available at no charge to the UK Police and Fire Services forever.